who we are


The Association LA BAGARRE, social benefit and no-profit, and pursues the creation, promotion and enhancement of initiatives in the field of Arts and the Territory, aimed at building practical cooperation between international community also to be realized in the cultures of social solidarity and respect for human rights and civilization of the multiplicity of genres, with a focus on advancing the development of cultural and social and critical situation regarding both humanitarian and housing needs.

1. Intentions and initiatives of the Association:
a) – promoting and creating a culture of the Art of Dialogue and Interaction, owned, directly based on the lived moment, in which artistic practice and political experimentation, and organizational forms of connection, through the design and implementation of projects involving the wider reality of creative freedom in the national and international network through the development of intercultural awareness and supporting mobility of artists, with particular attention to cross-border European countries, and to promote production, acquisition and distribution of works of art through the consolidation and growth of the cultural network of reference of the association, which is fundamental to the creation of a common European cultural area, in order to initiate dialogue among diversities, through websites, social networks and databases of images and projects in developing equitable, inclusive, collaborative and open-source, facilitating access to resources of the disadvantaged;
b) – the promotion and realization of a culture of critical housing correlating it to the practices of bio-environmental, applied directly to the home as to the area where you live, the different experiences of selforganised living, proposals for equipment of ideas, critical design for a living, the Association wants to be on the ground between communities and regions, among life forms and practices of space, encouraging interaction of these pathways and this research in interstitial sites of cities and deserts in the new inbetween settlement, they may be channeled towards training and design, open, informed and shared on housing and the environment to reallocate social equality;
c) – promoting, creating, starting and managing documentation centers and information services, cultural services and leisure-oriented, processual activities of research, analysis, documentation and talent-scouting.